Do arrivals from abroad actually keep quarantine?

Health Ministry admits: Supervisors visited just 42% of those who were supposed to quarantine following arrival in Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Quarantine (illustrative)
Quarantine (illustrative)

Israel's Health Ministry on Friday presented data showing that just 42% of nearly 23,000 people quarantined were checked up on, Israel Hayom reported.

As a result, it is impossible to know whether approximately 13,500 people who arrived from abroad kept quarantine according to the rules.

For 4,426 people, supervision was done face-to-face, with supervisors arriving at the home for a surprise visit. Approximately 5,000 others received phone calls. In addition, four fines were issued for violation of quarantine, and 44 fines were issued due to a violation of the mask mandate.

Out of all those infected, approximately one-tenth (112 cases) were arrivals from abroad, most of them arriving from countries which are not considered "red."

Nine of those infected arrived from "red" countries which Israelis are banned from visiting: three from Uzbekistan, three from Germany, two from Belarus, and one from Russia. Seven arrived from countries for which travel warnings have been issued - six from Spain and one from the United Arab Emirates.

Ninety-six of those infected arrived from other countries, including 24 from Turkey, which will be on the "travel warning" list starting July 30. Another 22 arrived from Greece, seven from Britain, and six from the US.

Meanwhile the Home Front's Alon Headquarters has warned that additional investigators must be enlisted, and that there must be more investigations. Currently, they only question confirmed patients, prioritizing those investigations due to a lack of manpower.