A Poignant Reminder of the Passing of Generations

Israel's new bizarro government's Day One and the Flag Parade in Jerusalem.

Yitzchak Reuven ,

ח"כ סמוטריץ' חוגג במצעד הדגלים
ח"כ סמוטריץ' חוגג במצעד הדגלים
צילום: נתי שוחט, פלאש 90

The Torah ordinance par excellence, the red heifer, reminds us living life as per G-d's word lifts us above the fray and sets us apart from the disbelieving and the go-along-with-the-flow crowd. Both Miriam and
Aharon die, as a new generation makes its way to the land of Israel.

Flag day is happening in Jerusalem and a strange new government faces its very first test.