Reuters headline compares Israeli terror victims to Arab terrorist

International news giant's headline conflates Israeli yeshiva students wounded in terror attack with Arab terrorist neutralized in attack.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of Tapuah shooting attack
Scene of Tapuah shooting attack
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One of the world’s largest syndicated international news agencies appeared to conflate a slain Arab terrorist with Israeli terror victims, following a pair of attacks in Judea and Samaria Sunday.

On Sunday, three 19-year-old unarmed students from a yeshiva in the Israeli town of Itamar in Samaria were gunned down in a terrorist attack at Tapuah Junction in Samaria.

One of the three students, Yehuda Guetta of Jerusalem, was critically wounded, while a second, Benaya Peretz of Beit Shean, is listed in very serious condition. A third, Amichai Hala, was lightly wounded in the attack.

The attack took place just hours after a female terrorist attempted to carry out a stabbing attack in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem.

The terrorist, a Palestinian Arab roughly 60 years of age, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers as she brandished a knife.

The headline of an article published by Reuters, however, referred to the slain terrorist only as a “Palestinian woman”, while seeming to compare her death with the attack on the Israeli yeshiva students.

“Palestinian woman killed, two Israelis wounded in West Bank violence,” the Reuters headline reads.

In the body of the article, Reuters did acknowledge that the woman was shot while attempting to carry out a stabbing attack, but characterized both the terrorist attack at Tapuah Junction and the defensive action taken by IDF soldiers to prevent the stabbing attack in Gush Etzion as “shooting incidents”.

“A Palestinian woman was killed and two Israelis were seriously wounded in two separate shooting incidents in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, Israeli and Palestinian officials said,” Reuters wrote.