Is This So Hard to Understand?

Israeli Arabs shudder over Lieberman.

Gerald A. Honigman

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Talk about close! The Israelis are rivaling America's Bush-Gore race of 2000 in their recent election. As this article goes to print, either Tzipora Livni or Benjamin Netanyahu may wind up the next Israeli Prime Minister. Both now
Lieberman and his growing popularity is giving heart palpitations to many.
seek the support of an important third party to form a viable government - Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu.

Lieberman's party has surged and will win a substantial number of seats in Israel's parliament, the Knesset. Lieberman and his growing popularity is giving heart palpitations to many; so that's what this article is all about.

News articles have highlighted Israeli Arabs' fear of Lieberman. While focusing on their fears, I've found in none of those articles any attempt to seriously explain Leiberman's position - which we'll get to shortly.

National Public Radio has also done its usual one-sided thing regarding this issue. Eric Westervelt interviewed Arabs regarding Lieberman's popularity, but decided to totally ignore finding out why this is so - leaving his listeners with same impression most of the rest of the mainstream media is dishing out.

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines "treason" as: "the violation of the allegiance owed to one's sovereign or state; betrayal of one's country and, specifically in the United States... consisting only in levying war against the U.S. or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies."

A few years back, Arab students attending Hebrew University demonstrated against the visit of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, screaming, among other things, "We are all Ahmed Yassins!" Pictures of Israeli Arabs holding up Yassin's portrait in protest marches appeared in newspapers all over the world. Yassin was the dispatched-to-paradise leader of Hamas - the organization which openly calls for (and acts upon achieving) Israel's destruction, and which Israel recently was forced to go after again.

Increasingly, Israeli Arabs, who number some 20% of Israel's population with one of the highest birth rates in the world, have attacked fellow Jewish citizens simply because they're Jews. It has become commonplace for them to hold demonstrations in their towns similar to what we've seen at Hebrew University.

Not only do Jews have to fear Arabs outside of their borders, but they now have to increasingly fear those within. Israeli Arab Knesset members openly side with those who deliberately disembowel Jews. Too many Israeli Arabs have cheered when Jews have been targeted and terrorized by either "bad cop" Hamas or "good cop" Fatah terrorists.

Israel was partially resurrected so that there would be at least one place in the entire world where this sort of thing would not happen. So, such Arab actions are totally unacceptable.


In reality, however, this is nothing new. Rabbi Meir Kahane warned of such things decades ago and was branded a racist for coming to the same logical conclusions which Lieberman and others have come to, and for which they too are now being portrayed as unreasonable racists, fascists and the like. Listening to NPR, supported by many Jewish donors, that's certainly the message one receives.

But what makes Israeli Arabs shudder over Lieberman?

He wants to demand that they show loyalty to the state in which they live or be denied citizenship.
What other nation would put up with such outright treason against both the state and its citizens?

Racist? Unreasonable? Fascist?

What other nation would put up with such outright treason against both the state and its citizens? Please look at Webster's definition again, especially how America itself regards such things.

Let's make sure that this point is so clear that even NPR's crew can understand it.

We're not talking about American students at Kent State University protesting American policies or the war in Vietnam. What we're talking about is the freest Arabs to be found anywhere in the Middle East (those in Israel), whose language has been made the second official language of the state, while Kurdish kids in Syria are forced to sing songs praising their "Arab" identity. And they are supporting terror, murder and the destruction of the very nation in which they live, and the murder of their fellow citizens.

If the above isn't treason, then I'm the Passover Bunny.

In any Arab country, anyone engaging in such activity against the state would not long be of this world. For sure. Indeed, in any other nation, including America, jail would likely be the minimum fate.

Someone with clout and the nerve to say in Israel what must be said has once again surfaced - Lieberman. Thank G-d.

As Lieberman and a growing number of others tired of the one-sided destruction-in-stages games Arabs have been playing have increasingly come to learn the hard way, it's long past time for Israel to act in its own crucial interests the way all other nations would act. The typical mainstream media story portrays a victory for Binyamin Netanyahu, Lieberman and their allies as a setback for peace with Arabs. But these are the same folks who never bother to press Arabs on what they mean themselves regarding that alleged "peace." I don't believe that this is an accident either.

I'm not sure what Lieberman's particulars are regarding the rest of this issue, but what follows are mine.

Those Arabs who display such treachery as described above must, preferably, be expelled from the country.

Jail time only costs Israeli taxpayers money that there's much less of in Israel these days due to Arab rejectionist actions and attitudes - on both sides of the Green Line. Indeed, many Israeli Arabs have been actively involved in terrorism themselves. Jailing such folks only winds up with Israel getting blackmailed later - trading numerous, live Arab butchers and wannabes for the bones of a few dead Jews.

In the broader perspective of the problem, Arabs could have had their 22nd state long ago if that's all that they wanted. Any objective assessment of the facts would show this. There's no need to rehash all the proposals yet again. I've certainly done that enough myself.

The reality is that Arabs want their second state in mandatory "Palestine" (Jordan created in 1922 on 80% of the original territory mandated to Britain on April 25, 1920) to exist in place of - not alongside - Israel. And that goes for Mahmoud Abbas's alleged Fatah "moderates" as well. A visit to his Palestinian Authority or Hamas's websites, textbooks, media, maps and so forth quickly confirms this, as does a look at the polls which show that even if
Israel, like all nations, must have its lines in the sand.
Israel withdrew to its pre-'67, nine-mile wide, UN-imposed armistice line (not border) existence, most Arabs would still reject its right to exist.

So, at the very least, kick those who articulate and exhibit such behaviors out of the country. I'd include treasonous, self-destructive Jews as well. Trade them for those Jews still trapped and living in fear in "Arab" or other Muslim countries.

Enact a death penalty and take less live prisoners who commit crimes aiming to murder and terrorize. One quick bullet to the head, bathed in pig's blood first, if possible.

And then tell the protesting hypocrites all over the world that Israel, like all nations, must have its lines in the sand which cannot be crossed, in terms of acceptable behavior by those wishing to live within its borders.