Neither to the Left, Nor to the Right

I am disgusted with all politicians. Even more so with the press. I am embarrassed to say that I am one of them. Does everybody lie?

Arlene Peck

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From time to time, I receive questionnaires in the mail wanting me, as a Democrat, to provide information and send in a check. Then, shortly thereafter, I will receive something similar from the Republican Committee asking me to let them know my feelings so they can fix the problems that they, in my opinion, have caused.

Maybe it's time I put myself on one of those "do not call" lists, aimed at telemarketers, but just as necessary for political parties, because it's gotten to the point where I do not know what I am anymore. I am disgusted with all politicians. Even more so with the press. I am embarrassed to say that I am one of them. Does everybody lie?

I have readers that will not read me and publishers that refuse to publish me because I complain about George Bush and some of the really stupid and deplorable situations that he has gotten us into. I thought Saddam Hussein was a bad guy (I still do) and felt that he should have been taken out. However, I also felt that he was somewhere down the middle of a list, there being others who should have come first.

For instance, why did we not take on North Korea, that has weapons of mass destruction, or Iran, which will very soon, both seemingly itching to use them? Was it because, with his myopic, "White Hat" Texas mentality, George W. wanted to ride in on his horse and redeem his daddy's good name; to correct the historical record that shames "big daddy" for not going in there and doing what needed to be done when he had the chance in the first war he got us into? Or, possibly, because he was still mad that Saddam actually put out a contract on his father and it was now 'pay-back' time.

Why didn't he go in, as the Israeli air force did in 1982, with less than a squadron of fighter jets and 'take him out', without bankrupting the country and destroying whatever good will we had left with the rest of the world? Just asking. In fact, why hasn't he shown the tenacity in the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden that he has for the pursuit of Saddam?

Actually, does anyone care if we are loved in the hearts and minds of the Iraqis? I am more concerned about our open border situation. It is on the evening news for all of us to see; potential terrorists and runaway Mexicans walking across our borders with apparent impunity. They've learned to either go to some kind of school with a hidden terrorist agenda in mind, or immediately get into our system and use our hospitals, schools, social services, etc. to help bring our economy to its knees, as we desperately try to pay for their needs and our own. If "they", our newest backdoor Americans, have any difficulty in achieving these goals, they always have the ACLU to fall back on.

Actually, I wonder why W. walks around holding hands with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, when we all know that they are the ones sponsoring the hate and terrorism that is coming out of the many Muslim countries. The Saudi kingdom sure as hell is funding schools that teach the worst forms of dysfunction on the planet today; Their children aren't learning "the 3 R's", let alone Critical Thinking, but they seem to do well in other areas. They can strap a bomb around their waists and bomb a restaurant or disco as a graduation fete.

It is no surprise that the Saudis are the principal sponsors of the PLO, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, Tanzim, Force 17 and a host of other terrorists groups, which have targeted Israel for destruction. Lord, they were blatantly open about their telethon, when over a $100 million was raised to donate to the families of the "martyrs". We all watched that fund raising; and what, if anything, was done about it?

More and more, the political scene appears to me as some kind of Alice in Wonderland adventure. The terrorist's orchestrate bombings and murder in Israel; sometimes they are even arrested. Then, as usual, thousands of them are released in some sort of "transfer of good-will". It makes as much sense as the farce we Americans witnessed a few years ago, when hordes of Cubans came over to this country and the idiot president we had at that time stood on the shore and welcomed the poor, deprived people of that country to our shores. Meanwhile, Castro was laughing and opening his prisons and mental hospitals finding more and more of the worst and saddest of his nation for us to accept.

Now, Ariel Sharon, and before him, Ehud Barak, and before that, Shimon Peres, etc. would open the jails and let hundreds, and eventually thousands, more potential mass-murderers back into normal society to resume their bombings, all under the guise of 'goodwill'. Lately, though, there has been one of the regular lulls in this insanity, while Sharon and company dicker over the fact that the Palestinian government has not moved to disarm the (there's that word again) "militants". Meanwhile, press reports state Palestinian leaders have complained, with growing bitterness, that Sharon is doing little to improve Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' "ability to overcome political challenges by the militant group Hamas." Militant? Hell, they are a terrorist group, funded by the Saudis, a fact which our president and state department, not to mention every rational, intelligent person on the planet, are perfectly aware of.

But, duh, our president and state department are also perfectly aware that Iran has now gone on official record, declaring long and loud that they want to wipe the Jewish State "off the map". After 24 hours of international outcry, the Iranians had the opportunity to "spin" that statement, and at least attempt to placate the alarmed world. But what did they do? The next declaration from them was to reaffirm the statement. Israel must be destroyed. It wasn't for a further two days that some "moderation" of those comments came from Tehran. While we sit on our hands and whistle in the dark, Iran will soon have the means to do what they have said.

What happens now? Will this upset Bush and the Arabist state deparment? Or, as usual, will we in the United States sit by and goad Israel into taking care of the 'problem', as they did in 1982. At the end of dialogue, with no fanfare, and no attempt to mollify "appeasers", Israel fighter pilots went in with five planes in the middle of the night and knocked out Iraq's nuclear facilities, effectively setting their nuclear weapon "research" back some twenty or thirty years.

Hey, here's a thought. Maybe now that France is burning and their suburbs are being torched by hordes of Islamic youth, they might want to send in their army and take them out. Oh? I forgot, France doesn't have an army, does it?

Maybe there is such a thing as retribution. Maybe Buddhism is right and there is Karma. Richard Gere must be delighted at this display of gratitude from the Muslims of France.

I wonder what the French are thinking now, reading news reports barely acknowledging that the cause of their problems is the 'unhappiness' of these poor, deprived Muslim immigrants. The needy, who were forced into 'protest' because of their mistreatment in not being able to find the jobs that they need. Yeah, right.

Personally, I am finding it difficult to repress an "I told you so!" Couldn't happen to a nicer country, with its long history of supporting Palestinian terrorism and Islamic fascism. After all of the anti-Israeli meetings France has hosted in the corrupt United Nations, maybe France would now be willing to turn over what's left of Paris to be used as a Muslim State where they could live "side by side" in peace, just like France insists Israel do, with our cousins in Gaza.

Since the French have never considered Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, only recognizing Tel Aviv, and have always pushed the line that Syria has "a moral right to force Israel to return the Golan Heights," how about rewarding the rioters with Paris and making it the new capital of the Caliphate? They wanted it for Israel and their beloved Arab brothers, how about France being the capital of two peoples?

I wonder how they feel, now that the "solution" they have demanded for years be forced onto the Jews, seems to be the only answer in Paris.