The Palestinian Arab state within the Green Line

PM Netanyahu should spend less time asking Abbas to call Israel a “Jewish State,” and more time enforcing the fact that “Israel is an Israeli State.” 

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Israelis endlessly debate the existential threat of a possible future Palestinian Arab State in the 'West Bank'.  However, an even more dangerous Palestinian State may already exist inside the Green Line, Israel's pre-1967 lines.  Its citizens are the Israeli Arabs, those of them who are out to destroy Israel itself. 

Despite the freedoms and comforts these citizens possess, or perhaps as a result of them, a considerable proportion of Israeli Arabs are hell-bent on eradicating Israel and do not recognize its right to exist in any form.  One need only look at the pure hate these Arabs have for Israel to imagine the anti-Zionist hate the Arabs of a Palestinian Arabs State in the 'West Bank' would have for Israel.  Unless Israel deals with the waxing danger from the Palestinian State within,  the very existence of Israel is at risk.  HIstory shows that Israeli acquiescence to Israeli Arab hate will only embolden and aggravate this danger.

The three Israeli Arab Muslim terrorists who murdered two Israeli Druze policemen (may their memories be blessed) did no grow in a vacuum.  Experts have cited that “In numerous surveys conducted over many years, the majority of Arab citizens define themselves as Palestinian rather than 'Israeli Arab.”  And as for numbers, the Arab population in 2013 was estimated at 1,658,000, representing 20.7% of the country's population. Despite the Israeli Arabs being granted inexpensive health care, free schooling and total physical and legal protection, all the freedoms all Israelis possess, and the right to vote for the members of Knesset, it is unmistakable that many Israeli Arabs detest Israel, and are being taught to want to murder Israelis.

An Israeli Arab mosque is openly blaring support for the three barbaric terrorists as if they are national heroes.  The Jordanian Parliament is sending congratulations.  And, the PA Terrorist-Paymaster-in-Chief, Mahmoud Abbas is pouring gasoline on the Israeli Arab fire.  Israeli Arabs clearly see their mosques, the Jordanian Parliament, and Abbas as leaders, not Bibi Netanyahu.

Then there are the 12 Israeli Arab Knesset members (10% of the Knesset) who clearly and vocally reject the very sovereignty of Israel and see their Knesset presence as a Trojan Horse intent on destroying Israel from the inside.  These Israel Arab MKs have made their feeling towards Israel abundantly clear.  Just google “Ahmad Tibi” and you’ll see plenty of videos and statements that will make your hair stand on end.  For example, Tibi stated, “I’m a Palestinian patriot whether you like it or not. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be Ahmad Tibi.”  Try Haneen Zoabi next.

What is truly remarkable is not these Arab MK's treasonous acts and statements, it is the Israeli sanction of treasonous Arab behavior.  It is a rare day when an Arab MK is actually punished for his/her despicable behavior. 

And, at core, the Israeli inaction and sanction is the heart of the problem.  One can’t be responsible for Israeli Arab behavior, but the Israelis and their government are fully responsible for allowing this anti-Israel hate of the Arab MKs to vest and just watch it grow and grow.  If Israeli MK Tibi says he’s a “Palestinian Patriot” that’s fine, but his Palestinian loyalty must disqualify him as an Israeli Knesset member who (one would assume) is supposed to swear loyalty to Israel just like an American congressman or Senator swears an oath to the United States.  Failure to disqualify Tibi has been a green light to all Israeli Arabs to abhor and foment terror against Israel. 

The failure of Israel to forcefully enforce its national legal identity has corrupted Israel’s very existence.  PM Netanyahu should spend less time asking Abbas to call Israel a “Jewish State,” and more time himself saying and enforcing the fact that “Israel is an Israeli State.”  Otherwise, the Palestinians won’t need another state to destroy Israel, they will only need the Israeli Arabs voting with an extreme leftist Israeli government to cede not only Judea and Samaria, but also the Galilee and Haifa.