Will Trump live up to his promises?

There are pundits who think he will give up, but they did not look carefully at the man who won the election.

Joe David

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Joe David

Donald J. Trump won. He stood alone, while others attacked, and he beat them all, one by one at their own game. He did it without the support of K-Street lobbyists, the media, the political machine, and key Republican leaders. Throughout it all, he remained tall, strong, confident, as he fought back boldly. 

Despite his rough exterior and his mischievous past, Americans rewarded him by choosing him as the 45th president of the United States of America. Not by a thin margin, as some predicted, but by an electoral landslide.

Will he succeed? Will he be committed enough to lead America in the right direction and correct the damage Barack Obama has caused?  He has proven to Americans during his campaign that he could. The big question: Will he?

For nearly a year, Donald Trump played his political opponents to his advantage. Those watching him perform on the world stage were stunned, amused, even horrified by what he said and did. Did he do it for its shock effect (national and international attention), or did he do it to expose the corruption of the system? 

Few will question the significance of what he had achieved during his record-breaking run for presidency. He did the impossible. He outsmarted the smart, and he exposed the big three – America’s left-wing political-educational-media establishment –for what they were: hypocrites, liars, traitors and corrupters – and he turned the American public against them.

Americans saw in action during the campaign an extraordinary man who purposefully labeled his opponents to incriminate them. Crooked Hillary, low-energy Jeb, lying Ted, little Marco, and more. He emerged from political obscurity to the number one spot because he connected with the people by telling them what they believed. By so doing, he convinced them by his brazen actions and generous promises that he had the business acumen and the strength to be the next president of the United States. 

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got it wrong when she said, “What you see is what you get.”  The buffoon, the boaster, the light-weight, that she claimed Donald Trump was, didn’t turn out to be exactly the man she had thought. Obviously blinded by his actions, she never realized that the man whom she identified as a loser was a showman, a clever, self-made billionaire businessman who knew tricks on winning that no one else has ever used so successfully to win. She should have figured it out after the primaries, when he defeated each one of his opponents swiftly with skill. Any self-made billionaire who was willing to sink an estimated $50 to $100 million of his own money into his campaign had to know what he was doing. This was not the decision of a loser on a supersonic ego trip to the moon, but the decision of a man with BIG dreams and the iron determination to realize them. 

It is difficult to identify singularly what caused Hillary’s defeat. She had a long history in government and all the right credentials and connections for the job. But what she lacked, in the eyes of the voting public, was a noteworthy track record of political achievement and, most importantly, trustworthiness. 

Some believed her downfall was her emails and her foundation. Others point to her liberal stance on important social matters. Still others believed that it was Obama’s legacy, which she would inherit and defend (Obamacare, open borders, the Iranian deal, a feeble job market, etcetera.) But regardless of what singular force put Donald over the top, it can never be denied that the corruption of the big three (educators, journalists and government) together with Hillary’s collusion (with the government and the media) and her political embarrassments (Benghazi, her emails, the Clinton Foundation, and more) finished her off. 

Americans wanted positive change, not Obama change; change that would make America Great Again. They were tired of their country being bullied and exploited by rogue nations. And they believed only one man had the strength and will to change this, if he chose.  

In my book, The Fire Within, I warned my readers in the 1980s that one day America could face a moment of political doom, if it continued in the direction it was going. It took the failures of the Obama administration and the promises of its continuation under Hillary to convince Americans that it was time to rise up against the establishment in place. 

Although Wikileaks deserves credit for revealing Hillary’s carelessness, it didn’t hurt Donald’s case to have Hillary call his many supporters “a basket of deplorables,” to have Bill Clinton get caught meeting privately with the attorney general during Hillary’s FBI email investigation, to have the FBI open and close Hillary’s email case during the last stretch of the campaign, or to have educators and their minions (their students) riot against him (including the “Black Lives Matter” and the other paid anti-Trump radical and terrorist groups). 

Without Donald Trump’s in-the-face actions and remarks, none of this would have probably come to light during this election. It would have all remained buried under layers of lies and collusion, and America would have been crushed with another four or eight years of an Obama-like president. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Donald cleared all the hurdles and won. It all happened skillfully, as though these obstacles were all staged to give him a resounding victory.

The left-wing establishment who couldn’t deal with defeat was fighting back like petulant children in panic mode They feared the president-elect just might live up to his promise and drain the swamp in Washington and destroy the long-standing, corruption in the city.
Yet, despite this impressive victory, his enemies have refused to accept the will of the people. In the days following the election, organized groups of left-wing radicals began rioting in key U.S. cities to protest the election results. Some wanted the president-elect impeached (for winning an election!). Others blamed the shortcoming of the electoral college for Hillary’s defeat (which worked well for both parties for several hundred years!).  Every single nuance of their anger, regardless of how irrational, was reported by the media with special attention and support. The left-wing establishment who couldn’t deal with defeat was fighting back like petulant children in panic mode They feared the president-elect just might live up to his promise and drain the swamp in Washington and destroy the long-standing, corruption in the city.

Some pundits don’t think this will happen, that the president-elect will become another fast-talking, Inside the Beltway politician. I disagree. I believe they are wrong. His battle was too fierce; his ego is too huge to fail us. Failure to live up to his promises, after such a strong mandate from the public, would not only destroy him and the Trump empire, but it could also bring about a civil war. I don’t think this is what the President-Elect Donald J. Trump really wants and will allow. 

Joe David is the author of six books including The Fire Within and The Infidels. His writings have appeared in numerous journals, newspapers, magazines and newsletter. For more information, visit www.bfat.com