Bill to abolish Palestinian Authority

'Settlement of war in Judea and Samaria based on abolition of the Palestinian Authority and the recognition of the inalienable right of the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria to choose their own destiny free from fear of attack or eviction.'

Mordechai Sones

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Mordechai Sones
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The mere suggestion of Israeli willingness to make territorial compromise has always invited political pressure in the form of bloodshed. 

The idea of a "two-state solution" takes us far beyond "mere suggestion", as snowballing European momentum for Palestinian statehood raises the spilling of Jewish blood to the level of legitimate statecraft. 

The Palestinian Authority is a corrupt, genocidal entity unprecedented in history, from which the removal of one or two toxic leaders is immaterial.

Even if the Palestinian Authority were not murderous and degenerate, it was invented to serve as an instrument by Arab ultranationalists for the eventual elimination of Israel.

A certain element within Israel is even willing to overlook the Palestinian Authority's aforementioned flaws and growing lethality in exchange for an instrument to sever Israel's link with her roots.

As long as we continue asserting our sovereignty in Judea and Samaria by living here, it is possible for us to take action to roll back the process of our phased abandonment and Israel's disintegration.

But our passive existence here is no longer enough.  The government of Israel is powerless to draw a red line for us that we ourselves have not yet drawn.  We must awaken, organize, and get active.

Various Israeli governments appear to have emphasized one consistent policy in Judea and Samaria:  dividing yishuvim (communities)  against each other.  By declaring some yishuvim to be “safe,” but abandoning others, the “safe” yishuvim can be lulled into turning their backs on the abandoned ones.  This approach is designed to prevent what pro-abandonment forces within the government fear most:  the yishuvim uniting behind a resolution to draw the line for Judea and Samaria's future.

A suggested draft of such a resolution can be found at  Would you please sign it right now, and email this letter with the link as widely as you can, urging your family and friends to do the same?  It will enable us to politically and morally pressure our elected representatives and government to strengthen the besieged communities of Judea and Samaria.  By endorsing it, we can begin the process of rectifying Israeli policy.  With every name we win over to it, with every yishuv that unites behind it, we can increase the likelihood that Judea and Samaria will survive and fulfill the role for which it is destined:

Proposed Knesset Resolution

Calling upon the Government of the State of Israel for the abolition of the Palestinian Authority and its replacement with an administration that represents the residents of Judea and Samaria loyal to Israel:

Whereas Judea and Samaria are vital to the defense of Israel’s eastern border;

Whereas in the modern missile age, Judea and Samaria’s unique topography and size provide Israel valuable survivability as hill country is far more resistant to NBC contamination;

Whereas whoever controls Judea and Samaria controls the mountain aquifer, Israel’s principal source of high-grade drinking water;

Whereas water is a strategic resource for Israel, even in an era of peace;

Whereas Palestinian military bases in close proximity to Israeli cities would present an unacceptable threat to Israel’s civilian, economic, and military infrastructures;

Whereas Palestinian nationalism is the first national movement in world history conceived for the express purpose to serve as an instrument for the genocide of an existing nation and represents a dangerous and unacceptable development in Islamic expansionism and Arab ultranationalism;

Whereas the struggle against said expansion can succeed if those of us who are dedicated to peace come to its support;

Whereas the flow of arms and money to the Palestinian Authority, increased training, and growing international sympathy may increase the cost of abolishing it with every day Israel allows it to fester on her sovereign soil;

Whereas the idea of any concessions to the Palestinian Authority is likely to increase the aforementioned cost in human lives, and would therefore be immoral and unacceptable;

Whereas the Palestinian Authority has brutalized Arabs living within the areas where the government of Israel has allowed them to control and also in places outside these areas;

Whereas for thirty years the Jews of Judea and Samaria have withstood violent campaigns by Arabs and an international campaign to discredit them yet have nevertheless gained the admiration of Jews and friends of Israel the world over with their courageous sacrifice, bravery, and determination;

Whereas Judea and Samaria, all of Judea and Samaria, is an indispensable prerequisite to Israel’s survival and future, in virtually every way such as can be measured, including military, cultural, spiritual, economic, and political;

Whereas to entrap any Jewish community within any form of Palestinian sovereign entity, by disarming and abandoning them would amount to an indefensible policy of deception and betrayal:  Now, therefore be it

Resolved by the Knessetthat it should be the policy of the State of Israel:

  • To recognize and salute the courage of Jews and Arabs of Judea and Samaria who have lost their lives out of loyalty to Israel opposing Palestinian Authority corruption and oppression
  • To encourage and support the Jewish people of Judea and Samaria in their struggle to resist Islamic or Arab domination
  • To provide the Jewish people of Judea and Samaria, if they so request, with material assistance, as the State of Israel considers appropriate, to help them protect themselves effectively against attack


  • To pursue a settlement of the war in Judea and Samaria, based on the abolition of the Palestinian Authority and the recognition of the inalienable right of the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria to choose their own destiny free from fear of attack or eviction, so that the over a quarter million Judean and Samarian Jews can continue their lives in safety and honor.

Join us!