A cultural Shoah against the Jews

Unesco’s vote erasing Jewish Jerusalem is a cultural Shoah.

Giulio Meotti

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Yasser Arafat understood it very well. There is immense power in the unprecedented invention of the denial of the Temple and of Jerusalem’s Jewish history.

In July 2000, during the Camp David summit between Bill Clinton, Arafat and Ehud Barak, Arafat came out with a novelty: in Jerusalem there is no trace of Temple of the Jews, it is a myth, it never existed.

Arafat knew that the right of the Jews to their land was not linked to the Holocaust, but to history. That is why Arafat intended to deny the relationship between Jews and Zion. This ridiculous version of events became the largest propaganda’s tool of the Palestinian Arab war. It immediately turned into the official version, echoed in all parts of Western societies favorable to the Palestinian Arabs: many newspapers began to speak of the Temple as a myth, denying or shamelessly ignoring the irrefutable archaeological findings.

While the denial was becoming popular, Arab bulldozers were piling and raking away, after having chopped tons of ancient debris in the excavations where the Jewish Temples stood. The global nomenklatura never raised its voice. The ideological denial was turned into something concrete,
Israel has no Iron Dome for anti-Semitism.
something accomplished.

The State of Israel is militarily, economically and demographically strong. Tzahal is a beautiful shield protecting the Jewish people after the Shoah. But there is a soft war which can really destroy Israel. It is the cultural battle.

You see it every day.

You see it when the European Union targets the Israeli goods produced beyond the pre-Six Day War lines.

You see it when the academic boycott becomes mainstream in the most prestigious Western universities.

You see it when the United Nations’ human rights commissioner orders a “black list” of foreign companies whose business is present in or involved with Judea and Samaria.

You see it when Danish museums host an exhibition praising the Palestinian suicide bombers.

You see it when Scandinavian pension funds divest from Israel.

You see it when Israeli women are killed in their own houses and the French president refuses to include them in the global list of terror attacks.

You see it when an Austrian judge rules that shouting “death to the Jews” is a legitimate political cry.

You see it when a Dutch Minister of Economy suggests to move Israel to the US.

You see it when the Jewish State is cancelled from Harper Collins’ textbooks.

You see it when Israeli novels disappear from the Scottish libraries.

You see it when a Swedish newspaper argues that Israeli soldiers harvest Palestinian bodies.

Israel has no Iron Dome for anti-Semitism. And if the Western democracies, as at Unesco’s shameful session, refuse to protect the Jewish people, this could be a cultural Holocaust in the making.