Prime Minister Netanyahu, Your Highest Priority is Saving Jews

Acting proactively will save lives and that is above everything else.

Pesach Nussbaum

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As Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu’s highest priority is the safety and security of every citizen of Israel and then and only then the quality of their lives. The life and limb of the person is paramount. I’m certain that Bibi also agrees with this whole-heartedly. After all it is a principle of our Holy Torah that prohibits standing on the sidelines while your brother’s blood is being spilled. Everything must be done to save the individual from harm.

Everything includes proactive and reactive efforts in the protection of the individual. Of course, more police protection must be made available, soldiers must also be deployed and hospitals must increase their readiness to deal with the unfortunate possibilities of harm to Israel’s citizenry. And this is all being done. But it’s all reactive; it’s done as a reaction to the daily unfortunate events.

Acting proactively requires a strategy and a plan on how to overcome and eradicate the whole problem and convince the enemies of the people of Israel to cease and desist. What needs to be done and how? Here Bibi’s government is floundering without a plan, without a strategy.

Now, as it appears, coming up with a strategy has its own pitfalls. What possible plan of action will avoid the condemnation of the International community? Seems Israel is always “damned if we do and damned if we don’t”. Washington, London, Paris and Moscow never favor any Israeli plan of action, only inaction. They are quite satisfied to watch Israel march down the road to oblivion, G-d forefend.

Herein lies the dilemma. Does the PM consider the security priority for Israel an actionable priority or only a theoretical one that needs compromising even at the cost of the life and limb of our precious people?

What impresses the world is power. That’s why Israel never had more respect from the world at large than we had after the 6 day war in 1967. Because, with the help of The One Above, we showed the enemies what we’re made of! The world took note, they had to. Since then, however, Israel has allowed this high regard, which the world held Israel in, to dissipate due to inaction, or too late action, or giving away land and giving away control. Oy!

Is it too late? Never! We have the promise from The One Above that He will never forsake us.

Here is a straightforward plan that has never been tried and could conceivably bring a quick end to the state of terror gripping the country:
a) Kill or apprehend the perpetrator.
b) Immediately destroy his family home without due process.
c) Deport all the residents of his home with no permission without due process.

Why will it work? The Shahid gives up his life willingly in the hope of murdering Jews, as we have seen time and again. He does however, in a screwed up kind of way, love his own family and he does not want to bring them to hardships and grief. So this plan presents a promising possibility that after 10 or 20 times that it is actually followed, the streets will become safe, even safer than before.

And what makes it just? Parents who brought up their children to hate and kill indiscriminately deserve to be punished and what more fitting punishment than to be thrown out of the Land.

In order to put a plan such as this into action it would require that Martial Law be imposed in Israel for a preset time, as was done in Canada in 1970, in Poland in 1981, in China in 1989 and in Thailand in 2014.

This plan, or any alternative proactive plan for that matter, requires courage of conviction and intestinal fortitude of the highest degree, but it will save lives, please G-d.

Take note, Bibi, and gird yourself. You will then be remembered among the heroes of our people.