Livni's Erroneous Security Premises Have Cost Lives

People make mistakes, but when lives are at stake, there is a price to pay.

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Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livii has declared “All options are on the table” to deal with Hamas.  But, the one option that is not on the table is for Livni  to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the national security crimes she and her fellow "peace" advocates have committed against the State of Israel by helping to create a Palestinian terror state.  

Now, more young Israeli soldiers have died to fix the evil terror-state that Livni and her ‘peace’ minions helped create.
For an illegal break-in where no died, US President Richard Nixon was forced to appoint a special prosecutor and resign. But for 20 years, Minister Tzipi Livni and the left have engaged in a massive national security fraud to delude Israeli and American Jews that there was a “Peace Process” that would bring security and rid Israelis of the "sin" of “occupation.” They have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to propagate what is a total, massive, and absolute fraud: The 2-State Solution. 

Now, more young Israeli soldiers have died to fix the evil terror-state that Livni and her ‘peace’ minions helped create.

What were some of Livni and the left's most egregious errors in their premises concerning national security ?

1. Palestinian Arab Democracy will set Israel free from the “Occupation.”  

How exactly did “Palestinian Democracy” set Israel free?  The Palestinians “democratically elected” a Hamas genocidal government premised and bent on the liquidation of Israel. And unlike the 1930’s when Germany democratically elected Hitler, the Palestinians openly voted for a Hamas Government whose central policy plank was the annihilation of Israel. The advocacy and empowerment of a Palestinian Arab “democracy” didn’t set Israel free, it laid the foundation for an attempt at a new Holocaust.  Instead of Israel being secured, Israel is now ‘occupied’ with thousands of rockets and missiles.

2. Without a Palestinian State in the 'West Bank' the world would boycott Israel and mainstream Israelis would suffer economically.

The truth was always, and is, exactly the opposite. Imagine hundreds of explosive-packed suicide tunnels from East Jerusalem into West Jerusalem, or from the 'West Bank' in the direction of Ben Gurion Airport.  What would have happened to the Israeli economy if the Palestinian Arabs had blown up West Jerusalem or Kfar Saba?

What will be the cost in Jewish lives and dollars for Israel to have undo the Hamas terror-tunnels we have today?  And the tunnels are only the tip of the military assets Israeli soldiers will have to defang in Gaza. 

Whatever the costs to Israel to fix Gaza, had Hamas been allowed to turn Judea and Samaria into a Gaza, the costs would have been hundreds of times worse (if that were at all reversible).  A 'West Bank' terror state would have been a fatal and irreversible blow to Israel's existence, let alone to its economy.

3. Abbas is a “Partner for Peace.” 

Mahmoud Abbas is an unrepentant master terrorist who probably has more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone alive (except for the Iranians).But  the deeper lie is that Abbas is a “partner” at all!  Abbas doesn’t control anything except some bank accounts for paying terrorists for murdering Jews, and for stashing away stolen donated public funds.  Hamas, and only Hamas, rules the Palestinian Arabs. 

4. The Jewish "settlers" of Judea and Samaria are "obstacles" to Israeli peace. 

The truth always was, and is, the Jewish settlers in Gaza and Judea and Samaria are the greatest heroes of Israel. Israel’s "settlers" are the rest of Israel’s first and last line of defense from being eradicated and murdered en masse.  These Israelis have put their lives, and the lives of their families, on the front line to protect the Jews of Tel Aviv.  But, Livni and the left needed to falsely paint them as obstacles to peace in order to propagate the 2-State Solution Fraud.  When the true story is told, the Israelis living in Judea and Samaria will be recognized as the exemplary Jewish heroes they truly are.

That incessant and false demonization of Israeli "settlers" has legitimized virulent world-wide de-legitimization against all of Israel. Livni and the left’s “anti-peace” libel against Israeli "settlers" laid the groundwork for anti-Jewish attacks from France to America to India.

Minister Linvi should immediately recuse herself, and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the possible crimes of malfeasance leftist Israeli politicians have committed against the State of Israel by perpetrating the greatest fraud in the history of the Jews. 

Nobody died from Nixon’s Watergate, but nevertheless, Nixon appointed a special prosecutor.  Thousands of Jews have died from the Israeli Left “Peace-Gate.”  Despite the fact that Israeli leaders were well-meaning before the 1973 War, the Agranat Commission was charged with exposing any delusion, wrongdoing or negligence in the lead-up or conduct of the 1973 War.  

And, as a postscript, let’s give Livni the benefit of the doubt, and say she didn't realize that the 2-State Solution was national suicide. But such rank incompetency in national office is a crime of misfeasance that necessarily disqualifies her and her fellow leftists from ever running for office, let alone participating, in the Israeli Government.