The Obama Interview that 'Launched a Thousand' MANPADS

Six reasons that show that Obama has abandoned Saudi Arabia.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

A recent January 27, 2014 New Yorker interview of direct, Obama-vetted quotes by President Obama himself describing his Middle East policy is bound to cause a titanic battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The specific President Obama quoted statement in the New Yorker interview was:

"If we were able to get Iran to operate in a responsible fashion—not funding terrorist organizations, not trying to stir up sectarian discontent in other countries, and not developing a nuclear weapon—you could see an equilibrium developing between Sunni, or predominantly Sunni, Gulf states and Iran in which there’s competition, perhaps suspicion, but not an active or proxy warfare."

In short, Obama has officially abandoned America's seventy-year-old, "Iron-clad" Roosevelt policy of absolute US protection of Saudi Arabia and instead has adopted a policy of "Let Iran annihilate Saudi Arabia and all the Sunnis."  In this single directly quoted sentence, Obama set into motion tectonic forces which will burst into a full blown regional hot war between the Iran-Axis and Saudi Arabia and all the Sunnis. 

The reason for this is that the Saudis knew from the get-go that Obama had stacked the deck against the Saudis in favor of Iran.  The Saudis know Obama has simultaneously sanctioned Iranian nuclear weapons and stripped the Sunni kingdoms of the American conventional protection.  The first byproduct of Obama's policy that the Wall Street Journal reported is that the Saudis are now arming the rebels with Chinese “MAN-Portable-Anti-aircraft Defense Systems," or MANPADS.  

There are 6 reasons that show that Obama's real policy is "Let the Iranians annihilate the Sunnis."  More importantly, they show why Obama’s newly-stated policy is attractive to Republican Isolationists who threaten the very existence of the Unites States of America.

1.  Obama's condition that, "If we were able to get Iran to operate in a responsible fashion" is as likely to happen as Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei agreeing in writing to let the Jews rebuild the Temple Mount and raze Al-Aska Mosque.

Imagine if Roosevelt had said to Churchill in 1940, "If Hitler and his Nazis start behaving, the Nazis and the British will kill each other off, balance-up and contain each other inside Europe." 

Moreover, it proves to the Saudis once again, that Obama is an Iranian stooge.  It proves Obama knows he's lying through his teeth and is just perpetrating the same sub rosa Pro-Iranian fraud he's been perpetrating on the Saudis since he first took office.  It proves Obama is quietly watching Iran murder Syrian Sunnis, and isn't lifting a finger or meaningfully arming the Syrian Rebels.  The Saudis surely have concluded that if Obama would blithely watch Iran murder over 200,000 Syrian Sunnis, Obama would let Iran murder millions of Saudi Sunnis.  And after Obama has watched Iran swallow the Sunnis' oil reserves whole and control 65% of the world’s oil reserves, then there's Obama's next victim: Israel.

2. Obama has officially adopted an explicit US Policy of Iranian nuclear "containment." 

Obama's disastrous Geneva-Iran nuclear deal aside, the second part of Obama's interview quote has Obama explicitly declaring a new "containment" policy of a nuclear Iran.  Again back to the interview's directly quoted Obama:

"And so I think each individual piece of the puzzle is meant to paint a picture in which conflicts and competition still exist in the region but that it is contained, it is expressed in ways that don’t exact such an enormous toll on the countries." 

Obama's explicitly stated "But that is contained" phrase exposes his Iranian Zero-nuclear policy for the scam it always was.  Does Obama think that the Saudis only ride camels and can't read English?  And when Obama's two  sentences are read together it means total war to the Saudis.

3. The Persian Gulf's "Black Gold Triangle" holds virtually all the Middle East's oil.

All Middle East oil sits under a triangle divided in thirds between the Saudis, Iran and Iraq.  Obama gave Iraq to Iran and hence Iran already controls 2/3 of the Gulf's "Black Gold Triangle" oil.  The only 1/3 left is Saudi Arabia.  Iraq and Iran have already threatened a concerted oil price war against the Saudis.  With the Iran-Iraq combined reserves, Iran's cash flow will decimate the Saudis just when the Saudis need the funds to defend Sunnis. 

All of the Saudi Arabian oil is sitting in the Saudi eastern provinces that have Shiite majorities. Iran doesn't have to invade the entire country of Saudi Arabia to control 100% of Saudi's oil.  All it needs to take is the 5% of Saudi Arabia sitting on the western part of the Gulf.  Iran will first sweep the western Persian Gulf, "liberate" their fellow Shiites, and hold the whole 65% of the world's oil and economies hostage. Iran's post-Sunni Kingdoms' invasion's diktat will be simple: Buy our oil at pre-invasion prices, and have 'peace' for now, or start a war for the "despotic-colonialist" Saudis, and destroy your economies for decades if not centuries to come.  Which will Obama (and the Chinese) choose??

4. Sunnis are divided and the Iranians and Shiites are unified.

Iran's population of 60 million alone dwarfs the Saudis of 20 million.  The Iranians have been on a war footing for years and have built a substantial conventional order of battle compared to the Saudis. When coupled with the Shiites of Iraq, the relative ratios get even uglier.  All the Sunni kingdoms are fractured and are already under heavy Iranian pressure. Obama and the Russians are both arming Iraq, which is Iran's puppet, and hence they have both been arming the Saudis' arch-enemy.  And, to make matters worse, Obama has done nothing to stop the Iranian-backed Shiite Houtis to Saudi Arabia's south in Yemen.

5. The topographic asymmetry of Iran's Zagros Mountains in the eastern Persian Gulf versus the flatness of the western Persian Gulf protects Iran and hopelessly exposes the Saudis.

Any conventional Sunni attack westward against Iran through the Zagros Mountains is impossible.  But contra-wise, the western portion of the Persian Gulf that comprises Saudi Arabia and all the Sunni kingdoms is flat and could be overrun by Iran in mere days.

6. An Iranian nuclear-umbrella would paralyze any American response to an Iranian conventional invasion of Eastern Saudi Arabia, while nothing would stop the Iranians from using nuclear weapons offensively first. 

A more likely Iranian nuclear strategy would be to conventionally attack the Saudis and hold the nukes as a paralyzing counter to an American attempt at a conventional counter-attack.  Imagine if Saddam Hussein had had nuclear weapons when he attacked and occupied Kuwait.  Even the elder President Bush would have balked at deploying the 500,000 US troops to neighboring Saudi Arabia necessary to re-take Kuwait.  So, if the Iranians had even a small nuclear arsenal, and Iran swept the Persian Gulf coast, they would have an instant check-mate against any US convention re-invasion. 

And, where exactly would the Americans land troops to re-take Saudi Arabia?  In Western Saudi Arabia?  In Mecca and Medina?  Any attempted American conventional thrust through the Islamic holy places would surely bring Nuclear Armageddon and expose US troops to mass-annihilation.  Meanwhile, the Chinese would be protecting Iran at the UN and cutting a 50-year Sino-Iranian oil deal.

In sum, Obama’s unmistakable, undeniable fealty to Iran has pushed the Saudis over the Rubicon.  And, there's no turning back.

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