"Absolutely Uncertain" Video and the Jewish Media

A well kept secret? Many young Jews are questioning the wisdom of voting Obama. You won't see it in the msm, but you can see it in the movie that is the subject of this article. (Link below).

Moshe Phillips

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Moshe Phillips

A Jewish themed video about the U.S. presidential race that has “gone viral” has been nearly completely ignored by the mainstream media, which may not be all that surprising.

What is a cause for concern is that the Jewish media has failed to report on it as well.

“Absolutely Uncertain: Obama, Israel & the Nuclear Threat” was published on YouTube on September 26 by RightChange and is just under 19 minutes long. The video can be seen by clicking here. (Note: some of the dress is not in line with halakha).

According to the news website The Blaze, the video generated 650,000 hits in its first three days online. The article can be found by clicking here..

"Absolutely Uncertain”was at nearly two million views by October 7, 2012. Given the press attention Sarah Silverman’s pro-Obama video received in 2008 this is especially alarming. According to YouTube Silverman’s video has only 2,166,148 views as of October 7. Measured another way, Silverman’s video has just over 7,000 Likes and“Absolutely Uncertain” has earned just under 5,000 Likes.

Why isn’t the media, mainstream or Jewish, covering this obviously popular and influential video on Obama's views on Israel?

As The Blaze details “Irina, the 23-year-old “Jewish New Yorker” who narrates much of the documentary, explains that she has always seen American-Israeli relations as a cornerstone of American politics, reaching into both parties.”

Is the reason that the video has been ignored the overwhelming allegiance to the Democratic party that so much of the American Jewish establishment leadership has so aptly exhibited since the days of FDR?

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency / JTA newswire has not reported on “Absolutely Uncertain.” JTA is funded in large part by the Jewish Federation system. Many Jewish community newspapers depend on JTA for their national news and are also funded by Federations. It is worth noting that The Jerusalem Post has an editorial calling the privately-sponsored video  a Republican campaign film and explaining that the link to the film was sent to JPost readers as a paid advertisement.

It should be clear from the popularity of “Absolutely Uncertain” that many Jews, especially young, committed Jews, are questioning the wisdom of supporting the Democratic party.

The question remains what future does the Jewish Federation system have in the U.S. if it continues to be so unabashedly one-sided? Can U.S. Jewish leaders afford to alienate even more Jews - and young Jews at that?