One of the masked anti-Israel protesters who took over a New York City subway car and demanded that Zionists identify themselves has been identified as Christopher Khamis Victor Husary, the New York Post reported.

Two weeks ago, following an antisemitic demonstration protesting the existence of an exhibition on the massacre at the Nova music festival on October 7, Husary was part of a group of masked protesters in taking over the subway car. He and the other protesters yelled, "Raise your hands if you're a Zionist! This is your chance to get out!" Husay also threatened a Jewish man in the subway car.

Husay was identified by the Jew Hate Database organization, partially based on his social media posts. In a post on Instagram, he shared the image of himself on the front page of the New York Post from the incident on the subway and wrote, "Goes to ny for a day.”

He wrote, “I can smell a baby killer from a mile away …. call homeland security … i went through jfk with this shirt & had all the patriots panicked af, adding, "i love real jews just FYI."

The Post called Husary a "privileged, bicoastal agitator" who still lives in his parents' $1.8 million California home at the age of 36. He wore the same yellow Hezbollah t-shirt when confronted at his parents' home as he did while threatening people on the subway.

He claimed that he was defending his friends after the Jewish man he threatened took their picture, calling the man a "terrorist."

Husary has been arrested multiple times at previous protests. He was recently awarded $17,000 after he claimed to have been beaten by police at a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020. His first arrest occurred in 2008.

In January of this year, Husary was arrested again on felony arson, robbery and hate crimes charges when he allegedly attacked a Jewish woman, stole the Israeli flag she was carrying, and lit the flag on fire.