Dov Broder with his wife Batya in 1947
Dov Broder with his wife Batya in 1947IDF Spokesperson

Pvt. Dov (Berl'e) Broder, who fell during "Operation State" during Israel's War of Independence and his place of burial was unknown, has been located following an investigation by the IDF's Missing Soldier Location Wing that lasted over a decade.

Since the May 1948 battles of the War of Independence, there has been a grave in the Segula Cemetary in Petach Tikva, marked as unknown.

In 2006, an investigation was launched by the Missing Soldier Location Wing to identify the fallen soldier who was buried in the grave.

Between 2006 and 2023, various investigative actions were taken to identify the unidentified body, including a precise inspection of relevant files and testimonies from the period, questioning witnesses of the battle, dissecting the course of the battle, examining the evacuation of casualties to Beilinson Hospital after the battle, anthropologic examinations and more.

From the investigation findings, it is possible to find a nearly complete account of Dov's enlistment as an armored vehicle driver, the course of the battle and the armored vehicle being hit, the evacuation to Beilinson, and the burial at Segula.

This account eventually led to the identification of the body as that of Dov (Berel'e) Broder.

On May 13th, 1948, the Alexandroni Brigade's 33rd Battalion set out on "Operation State." Dov OBM participated in the battle as an armored vehicle driver, and when he was sent to provide support for another group, his group was attacked, and his vehicle was hit. Dov's body was not found or identified among those killed. He was considered a fallen soldier whose place of burial was unknown. That is, until the recent conclusion of the investigation.

Dov's family, among them his 95-year-old widow, Batya Broder, were updated on Saturday by the head of the IDF Manpower Directorate, Maj. Gen. Yaniv Asor, regarding the completion of the investigation.

Soon, full closure will be reached, and an unveiling ceremony will take place, during which, after 75 years, Dov's name will replace the name "unknown" that was etched on the grave marker until now.

This is the second time the Missing Soldier Location Wing has completed an investigation into a fallen soldier whose place of burial was unknown.

IDF Manpower Directorate Chief Maj. Gen. Yaniv Asor stated: "75 years after Dov Broder's death in the War of Independence, we found his place of burial. This is closure and the IDF and the State of Israel's ethical and moral obligation to Dov, who gave his life for the foundation of Israel, to his widow, and family, who lost the thing most dear to them. The IDF, the Manpower Directorate, and the Missing Soldier Location Wing will continue to do what is needed to set a grave stone for the soldiers whose place of burial is unknown."