HospitalFlash 90

An 18-year-old young woman who was in the emergency room before surgery at Meir Hospital was amazed to discover that the head of the terrorist organization Lions' Den, Khaled Tabila, was lying in bed next to her, accompanied by two soldiers and tied to the bed with a piece of cloth.

Tabila was arrested after the security forces surrounded his home in the Rafidia neighborhood of Nablus last week until he turned himself in after being forced to leave.

The young woman's mother, Danit Greenbaum, told Channel 12 News about the unpleasant experience she and her daughter went through with the terrorist. "His entry into the emergency room was very dramatic. He arrived with four soldiers with weapons pointed at him and screamed non-stop in protest. At one point there were only two fighters left, and the shouting just didn't stop. We were in shock for about half an hour and didn't say anything."

She added: "I recognized that this was the man I was reading about in the headlines and I realized that although he had a weapon pointed at him, he was not handcuffed, only tied with cloth."

Greenbaum said: "I offered the soldiers to drink and eat and I asked them why there were no handcuffs, the terrorist screamed and thrashed and was out of control. So the soldier told me there is no such thing as handcuffs in the army, there are only zip ties."

"So I asked him why are there no handcuffs, it's cloth, you see it's not tied. He told me that during the transfer to the hospital they didn't have the required equipment or handcuffs so they improvised cloth straps."

An IDF spokesman commented: "The detainee was under full guard throughout his stay in the hospital. During the provision of medical treatment, the detainee's handcuffs were removed. If the hospital had received a request from the family to change the patient's position, this would have been considered by the hospital. The claim against the soldiers' statement about the lack of handcuffs has been examined and is not known to the IDF.''

The Meir Hospital said: "This is a detainee who arrived with an IDF escort for treatment in the emergency room. During the treatment, he was unconscious, was treated for several hours without being kept for recovery, and was released. The IDF is responsible for and looking after these patients.''