Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen declared during a visit to Budapest on Wednesday that Hungary will announce that it will move its embassy to Jerusalem within a few weeks.

In a video released by Chabad Online, the minister, who is currently on a trip to four European Union nations, could be heard telling congregants at a local synagogue that "in a few weeks, Hungary will be the first EU state to announce the move of its embassy to Jerusalem."

This is the first official mention of such a move after the Hungarians in recent months denied that such a move is a possibility.

Cohen is currently on a special tour of Europe; on Tuesday, he attended the Slavkov Summit in Bratislava, which includes Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. This is the first time an Israeli foreign minister has participated in this forum, in which some of Israel's closest allies in the European Union participate.

The ministers discussed strengthening relations with Israel and their countries as well as a joint fight against the Iranian threat.

In addition, the foreign ministers discussed the Abraham Accords and their effect on strengthening stability in the Middle East.

Cohen invited his counterparts to actively participate in the projects and forums founded as a result of the Abraham Accords.

Earlier this month, the Foreign Minister hosted ambassadors from the four countries that moved their embassies to Jerusalem in a special ceremony celebrating Jerusalem Day and 75 years of independence. Representatives from the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, and Kosovo were at the event.

Speaking to i24NEWS at that event, Cohen said that he is "optimistic" that three more moves are on the way.