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The feminist Women of the Wall group attempted on Sunday morning to enter the Western Wall plaza with a Torah scroll and were stopped by the site's security guards.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation stated, "A small group of Women of the Wall came to the Western Wall and caused provocations and turned the Western Wall into a place of controversy.

A Torah scroll was shaken, and there was an attempt to disgracefully bring it in by one of the group's members, the disgrace was prevented by Western Wall security, and the scroll was placed to be respectfully protected."

The Women of the Wall organization commented: "The Western Wall Rabbi's guards grabbed and confiscated the Woman of the Wall's Torah scroll and even detained a worshiper who was on her way to a Women of the Wall festive prayer service with the scroll as if she were a criminal. It is crazy and enraging that right before the holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the giving of the Torah, the Rabbi of the Western Wall disgraces a Torah scroll and disgraces a women's prayer service and confiscates a Torah scroll which is meant for women to read the Torah at the Western Wall. The time has come to liberate the Western Wall from the Rabbi of the Western Wall's hands and to bring equality for women at the holy site."