The haredi outstanding soldiers
The haredi outstanding soldiersNetzach Yehuda Association

At the Outstanding Soldiers ceremony held at the President's Residence on Independence Day, three soldiers from haredi units were noted for their excellence and outstanding service.

Avraham Bar Noy, a soldier in Netzach Yehuda, was surprised by his mother, who decided to attend the ceremony at the last minute. She was aided by the President's Office in her decision to attend the ceremony and surprise her son.

Benny Brim, whose path in the IDF began in a haredi pre-military academy, did his initial training with the paratroopers before joining the haredi "Hetz" company.

Binyamin Gopin, the third haredi outstanding soldier, is part of the haredi IAF company, Maginei Hanegev. Gopin is in his final days in the military, and has received recognition for his unique service. An immigrant and a lone soldier, he has been accompanied during his service by the Sa'eed family of the town of Ma'on.

Captain Shmuel Kirsch, commander of the haredi company in the IAF, wrote, "I was so moved today to see the special soldier who is under my command receive an award for excellence from the President of Israel. I, as a son of a haredi family, understand very well how rare such an event is in the Israeli landscape - that a haredi soldier receives an award at the President's Residence."

"I must say that Binyamin is a role model and an example of what it means to be a soldier and a fighter, and he has had a hard and tiring road - immigrating to Israel, learning Hebrew, and going from being a civilian and yeshiva student to being a soldier, and from a soldier to a fighter, and he never gave up, and he never became boastful. That is Judaism, that is what it means to be Israeli, and that is pioneership."

Yossi Levi, Director-General of the Netzach Yehuda Association, spoke about how moving it was to see Benny, Avraham, and Binyamin walk up to the platform to receive their awards for their challenging yet successful service.

"Haredi service in the IDF is a real accomplishment - it is the true bridge between the sectors, and we are proud of our soldiers, who have worked tirelessly and who truly excelled."