Dozens of pro-judicial reform demonstrators blocked Begin Boulevard in Jerusalem Monday night as anti-reform demonstrators blocked the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv.

In Tel Aviv, left-wing protestors attempted to break through police barriers to reach the highway, while in Jerusalem, police clashed with left wing demonstrators who attempted to march towards the Prime Minister's Residence and broke through the protective barriers after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the judicial reform legislation would be frozen to allow for negotiations.

Police used water canons against demonstrators in both cities. In Jerusalem, demonstrators chanted "where were you at Ayalon?" at the police, in reference to the multiple times left-wing demonstrators have blocked Israel's main highway in recent months.

Over a hundred thousand supporters of the judicial reforms demonstrated outside the Knesset in Jerusalem Monday evening to call on the government to stand firm in passing the reforms and not to freeze the legislation.

The pro-reform demonstrators chanted “Our voice isn’t less important than a pilot’s," We know exactly who we voted for” and "A minority of elites cannot bring the country to this point. We are one nation."