Smotrich (left) and Rothman (right)
Smotrich (left) and Rothman (right)צילום: יונתן זינדל, פלאש 90

The Religious Zionist Party pushed back Monday morning on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to pause the judicial overhaul.

Netanyahu is slated to make a public address Monday morning, during which he is expected to announce a pause in the legislation of the judicial reform plan.

The prime minister’s Coalition allies from the Religious Zionist Party issued a statement rejecting any pause to the judicial overhaul, calling such a move a “surrender” to the ‘violent’ demonstrations by reform opponents.

“After much consideration and consultations, our position is that we must not do anything to stop the passage of the legislation.”

“Stopping the legislation would constitute a surrender to violence, anarchy, and to refusal in the army and to the dictatorship of the minority, and would undermine the results of the election.”

“We were and still are open to dialogue, compromise, and agreement, but not under the threat of coup by the centers of power against Israeli democracy. We were legally elected and we were given a clear mandate by the people to restore the balance to Israeli democracy. We are obliged to represent the majority of the people and to continue this historic and important reform.”

“The past few days - during which small groups which have relentlessly accumulated power in various institutions and are not hesitant to make violence use of it against the majority… have risen up against democracy and…pushed to dismantle the very foundations of the nation and the state – have only illustrated the necessity of this reform and the restoration of power to the people.”

The party emphasized that it would be willing to enter into negotiations towards a compromise, but only after the bill to alter the judicial appointments committee is passed by the Knesset.

“After the bill balancing the makeup of the judicial appointments committee, then we can pause and reach out our hand for dialogue with anyone who wants to take part.”

Earlier on Monday, President Isaac Herzog called on the government to freeze the judicial overhaul.

"I appeal to the leaders of all Knesset factions, Coalition and Opposition alike, to place this country's citizens above all else and to act with courage and responsibility without further delay. Wake up now! This is not a political moment; this is a moment for leadership and responsibility."