Protests against judicial reform
Protests against judicial reformErik Marmor/Flash 90

The leaders of the protest against the judicial reform on Friday threatened to hold a “National Paralysis Week” next week which, they said, will include actions against of resistance against members of the coalition and a huge demonstration in Jerusalem.

"In the face of Netanyahu's attempt next week to carry out a hostile takeover of the Supreme Court, and to appoint lackey judges, in flagrant violation of the conflict of interest agreement, the ruling of the Supreme Court, and the order of the Attorney General, the leaders of the opposition to the dictatorship are announcing this evening that next week will be a 'National Paralysis Week,'" they said in a statement.

The leaders of the protest said that "on Sunday and Monday we will be wherever the Knesset members and ministers will be, and interrupt their daily routine. We will reach them everywhere and make it clear to them that the dictatorship will not pass on our watch. On Tuesday we will hold a day of widespread paralysis throughout the country, which will be a step up from the previous days of resistance."

"On Wednesday we will hold significant paralysis events in the morning and then we will go to Jerusalem and hold a huge demonstration outside the Israeli Knesset," they stated.

Finally, they said that on Thursday "there will be protest events that we cannot reveal at the moment."

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