ZAKA volunteers in Turkey
ZAKA volunteers in TurkeyZaka spokesperson

A complex rescue attempt undertaken by IDF and ZAKA teams finally resulted in the recovery of the bodies of Shaul and Fortuna Janudi, the president of the Antakya Jewish community and his wife.

Simply reaching the disaster-struck region in southeastern Turkey proved hugely challenging given the state of the roads, but the teams finally reached there on Wednesday evening. The couple had been not been seen, nor had any sign of life been received from them, since their home collapsed following the first of two deadly earthquakes earlier this week.

After extended efforts, the bodies of the couple were located. The rescue workers worked intensively in harsh conditions for many hours to extract them; tragically, they were both dead when found.

Israeli volunteers in Turkey continue to search for signs of life and to save disaster victims from the ruins.

משלחת צהל בטורקיה מחלצת אנשיםדובר צהל

According to the IDF, the humanitarian aid delegation has so far rescued ten people in the disaster-stricken area over the past day. An Israeli field hospital has been set up to treat those rescued for a variety of injuries following from exposure to the elements as well as trauma.