Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, from his Knesset office, appeared before AIPAC leaders and activists by videoconference and thanked them for supporting the State of Israel and strengthening ties with the US.

The Prime Minister also held an open conversation with AIPAC President Betsy Korn in the context of which he discussed Iran, expanding the circle of peace and US-Israel relations.

On Iran, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that people are seeing the regime's internal repression of the people, as well as the executions of those demonstrating for freedom.

The Prime Minister said: "So now, because of the brave men and women of Iran, the entire world sees what we've been talking about, that this is a terrible, repressive, terrorist regime."

He added, "It's time to close ranks between Israel and the United States – and others. And I look forward to discussing this issue with President Biden and his team. I think there is more of a meeting of the minds today than there has ever been."

Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that he is working to expand the circle of peace and explained that he is optimistic because Arab leaders have changed their views regarding Israel and now see us partners, not enemies.