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A woman who was allegedly assaulted by an off-duty Secret Service agent in Jerusalem in July filed a civil lawsuit on Monday.

Tamar Ben Haim sued the unidentified Secret Service agent in DC federal court, alleging that on July 12 at approximately 1 a.m., she was struck in an alley as she was walking home, the New York Post reported.

Ben Haim described the assault to Fox News as a “large man” punching her “over and over” similar to a “punching bag.”

The off-duty agent was in Jerusalem to prepare for President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel.

Ben Haim, 30, said that as she walked through the alleyway, a man, who she noticed had a gun, “began hitting and slapping her.” The blows led to her thinking “that these were her last moments on Earth,” she added.

Court documents described the defendant as holding “Tamar tightly, hit her on her chest, repeatedly, slapped her, causing her earring and earphone to fall to the ground,”

Ben Haim screamed for help but no one stopped to help her. Eventually, a second man pulled the attacker off her and they both fled, the document claimed.

Israeli police took the agent into custody before releasing him without charges.

The agent, who turned out to be an off-duty Secret Service member who was advance scouting before Biden’s visit, was sent back to the US.

In her lawsuit, Ben Haim described being traumatized by the incident, including having trouble sleeping, struggling with anxiety and depression, and fatigue. She also now suffers from headaches and breathing problems, the lawsuit said. It also detailed that she now routinely visits a psychologist and psychiatrist because of the accident.

Her lawyer Marc Zell accused the Secret Service of protecting the agent accused of attacking her.

“Defendant – as well as defendant’s employer – is attempting to evade justice by refusing to disclose his identity,” the lawsuit claims.

Ben Haim filed a Freedom of Information Act request to reveal the agent’s identity but it was denied by the Secret Service, which she is appealing.

“This is not someone from a Third World country. America is the example of the world, and he works for the president,” she told Fox News. “They just shipped him back to where he came like nothing ever happened, and they expect me to just move on with my life.”