Shabbat in Hebron
Shabbat in Hebron Ezri Tubi

The commander of the Yehudah Territorial Brigade, Colonel Yishai Rosilio, sent a letter to the Jewish residents of the city of Hebron in response to an incident over the weekend during which an Israeli visitor, who was allegedly drunk, physically attacked an IDF soldier.

"Yesterday 'Shabbat Hayeh Sarah' ended in the city of Hebron which is under the jurisdiction of the Yehudah Territorial Brigade. As expected, 30,000 Jews came from across the country and the diaspora to celebrate together in Hebron, the Cave of the Patriarchs, and Kiryat Arba," Rosilio opens his letter.

"For this event to take place, the security forces, especially the IDF, Border Patrol, Israel Police, and Israel Security Agency worked over the weekend to keep the peace."

The letter goes on to explain that to manage the event a command and control center, headed by the brigade commander, was opened next to the Cave of the Patriarchs, a war room was run day and night over the weekend, and reinforcements were brought in.

"The weekend was run through cooperation between branches of the security forces. This kept the peace, besides a few incidents, that were irregular in their nature and size, which occurred during the arranged entry to Othniel Ben Kenaz’s Tomb when fights and riots began with residents," the letter continues.

Rosilio reassures that "This incident won't darken the cooperation, hospitality, and this special weekend which are part of the character of Kiryat Arba and the Jewish community in Hebron."

Despite all this, the commander expresses his opposition to such incidents. "However, the IDF condemns any attack or violence of any kind against security forces and it will work to bring those involved to justice."