Lapid in interview
Lapid in interviewChannel 13 News

Prime Minister Yair Lapid refused to rule out relying on the votes of Arab parties whose members have expressed support for the members of the Lions' Den terrorist organization who were killed in the IDF's raid on one of the organization's headquarters in Shechem (Nablus) this week.

Lapid said in an interview with Channel 12 News journalist Danny Kushmaro on Wednesday: "We are working very hard to get the voters from the 300,000 undecided voters and from the 60,000 who are undecided between the different blocs. This is a dramatic number."

The Prime Minister said that he wants the Yesh Atid party to be big, but also worries about the other factions in the left-wing bloc: ''I work for the bloc, there are voices that we are trying to bring into the bloc. I don't have a problem, anyone who votes at all should vote according to their understand and the way they want."

Prime Minister Lapid refused to commit that he would not rely on the votes of the Hadash-Ta'al party, despite MK Aida Touma-Suleiman's stated support for for terrorists this week. In an interview with Kan 11, Lapid clarified that the Arab party will not be in the government, but ignored the question of whether he intends to rely on its support.

"These are terrible things and I strongly condemn them, it is unforgivable. She spoke against us, against the actions of our government. If necessary, I will decide on the same actions again tomorrow. I strongly condemn her words," Lapid said of Touma-Suleiman's statements.

Touma-Suleiman said following the raid: "Nablus said goodbye to our martyrs today. Our Palestinian people said goodbye to their martyrs. As the occupation increases its crimes, the resistance rose to an important rate in the history of people."

She added in a tweet: “6 Palestinians killed in one night. Their blood is on the hands of Lapid and Gantz. Stop the terror of the occupation, enough of the bloodshed! Isn’t it time to understand that the more you deepen the occupation, the more you provoke the resistance?!”