A bus driver was arrested after he was recorded committing serious traffic crimes, including running a red light while passing another vehicle in a location where passing is illegal.

On Sunday night, a video clip was published on social media in which an Egged Ta'avura bus can be seen violating various traffic laws and placing lives in danger. Among the crimes recorded was that of passing a number of vehicles at a junction while traveling in the opposite lane.

The 57-year-old driver, a resident of one of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, was located Monday morning by the police officers and was interrogated under warning. Later, a hearing was held and his license was revoked for 30 days.

In addition, the driver was issued an order to appear in court for the crimes he committed, among them driving negligently, passing in a location where it is illegal, driving through a red light. With the conclusion of the police's handling of the matter, the driver's details were passed to Egged Ta'avura for the purpose of allowing them to hold a hearing.

"Israel Police will continue acting to act to increase governance, traffic law enforcement, both in undercover and revealed ways, in order to protect the safety of the road users' lives," a police statement said.