Daria Gavish
Daria GavishIDF Spokesperson

Daria Gavish, who lost her father and three family members in a bloody terrorist attack in Elon Moreh in 2002, was married on Wednesday to Shmuel Gami.

The bride is the granddaughter of Daniella Weiss, who heads the Nachala movement. Among the guests were former members of the elite Sayeret Matkal unit, of which Daria's father was a member.

The 2002 terror attack occurred during the second night of Passover, a day after the murderous Park Hotel attack. During the attack, terrorist Hamid Abdal G'wad entered the Samaria town of Elon Moreh, reached the Gavish home, and murdered Daria's grandparents, David and Rachel, who were standing inside the entrance to the house.

After entering the house, the terrorist shot Daria's father, Major Avraham Gavish, and his grandfather Yitzhak Kenner. Kenner was pronounced dead at the scene, Avraham, who was an officer in the IDF's elite Sayeret Matkal, was gravely injured but attempted to crawl to his weapon which was on the top floor of the home. The terrorist shot him again until he was dead. Avraham's wife, Naama, hid under a table with her daughter Daria. When she saw that the terrorist was walking away, she quickly got up and ran out through a side exit.

Four more of Rachel and David's children were upstairs when the terrorist entered the house; when they heard the gunshots and screams they hid under their beds. Avigdor, who had recently been drafted to an elite IDF unit, but had not yet received a weapon or weapons training, waited for the terrorist at the top of the stairs with a guitar. The terrorist did not go upstairs but closed himself in a room on the ground floor. Troops from Sayeret Matkal, including Avraham's subordinates, eventually arrived at the scene and killed the terrorist.

David and Rachel left six orphans ranging in age from 13 to 23. The oldest remaining child, Menashe, was 23 and newlywed. He and his wife went on to raise his younger siblings who in a moment lost their parent, brother, and grandfather.