Arab rioters burn tires, Archive
Arab rioters burn tires, ArchiveNasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Arab rioters descended on the Esh Kodesh outpost, near Shilo in the Binyamin region, on Wednesday night, burning tires in the surrounding fields and causing the fields themselves to ignite. Israel Hayom reported that residents claim that the army took a considerable amount of time to arrive at the scene, and the residents had to fight the fires and chase away the rioters.

The residents of the outpost say that this was the fifth riot in the past two weeks. They say that during the riots hundreds of Arabs threw rocks and lit fires on the outskirts of the outpost, causing significant property damage. When the residents tried to extinguish the fires, they were attacked by the rioters. When the military eventually arrived, the troops, together with the residents, managed to chase the rioters away.

"Like in the rest of Judea and Samaria and the mixed towns in Israel, we too are under attack by terrorists, attempts to start fires, and shootings," an Esh Kodesh resident told Israel Hayom, "Tonight, for the fifth time in recent weeks, Arab rioters tried to burn our village. The residents called for the army and quickly went to put out the fire and physically protect the village and its residents, while under a hail of rocks thrown by the rioters. We hope that the army responds forcefully and quickly returns the residents' security."

The incident at Esh Kodesh was just one of the violent Arab riots that occurred across the country on Wednesday; in Jerusalem, Police and Border Police forces dealt with several violent disturbances and riots.

In one of the incidents, the vehicle of a Jewish family was hit with rocks in an attempted lynching in the Beit Hanina neighborhood.

The family members said that Arabs blocked the road and pelted the car with rocks without allowing them to escape.

Before that, Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at a Jewish vehicle near the Mount of Olives.

There were no casualties in either incident.