Security forces in Qusra
Security forces in Qusra Roy Alima/Flash90

Dozens of Arab rioters from the Arab village of Qusra on Saturday afternoon infiltrated the Jewish town of Esh Kodesh, in the Binyamin Region.

Residents noticing the rioters called in the security forces, which together with some of the residents managed to chase out the infiltrators, who returned to their village.

During the rioting, one of the terrorists stood on a roof and threw a pipe bomb at the security forces. The forces responded by firing at the terrorist.

According to Arab news outlets, the terrorist has been eliminated.

Qusra is well-known for its enmity towards Israel, and its residents often riot near the surrounding Jewish towns: In the past month, at least four violent riots have occurred near Qusra. Some of the incidents included attempted arson and the destruction of an Esh Kodesh vineyard, as well as the burning of a vehicle belonging to Jewish residents of the nearby town of Alei Ayin.