Jewish Home members in Givat Harel
Jewish Home members in Givat Harel Jewish Home

The "Jewish Home" list led by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked pledged in Givat Harel Binyamin Monday that in any government that is formed, they will insist that the regulation of the young settlements be included in the basic guidelines of the government.

The party members signed a document committing them to act in order to complete the establishment of the settlements and do justice to their residents: for full equality of rights for the pioneering settlers in the young settlements, so that they receive basic infrastructures of water, electricity and communication, and receive essential security components, and to promote rapid settlement procedures.

Party chairwoman Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said: "The young settlements is our Zionist answer to terrorism. And we are here to say - we do not surrender to terrorism. The people of the young settlements are pioneers, the salt of the earth and they deserve - after 20 years in substandard conditions - to live in appropriate conditions. In the last year, we transferred 30 million shekels for the benefit of security components and electricity connections to localities. All that remains is to wait for the Defense Minister's signature.''

Shaked said that "just as I have acted with determination over the years in favor of the settlement of Mitzpe Kramim and Mitzpe Dani, I stand here and pledge to continue to act in favor of the settlement in Judea and Samaria and to work for the wonderful Zionist settlers."

"The Jewish Home is a party that has always led the settlements and worked for them, and with G-d's help and with the help of my friends, we will continue to do so. I have always been on the right, I have always acted on the right and I will always act on the right. We are right-wing in actions, not in words," she said.