MK Kalfon in the Kedmat Zion neighborhood
MK Kalfon in the Kedmat Zion neighborhoodPublic relations office

MK Yomtob Kalfon of the Jewish Home party toured the Jewish neighborhoods in eastern and northern Jerusalem with the "If I Forget You" association.

The purpose of the tour was to monitor the loss of sovereignty in the east of the city with an emphasis on the Shuafat refugee camp as well as planning and thinking about how to develop the Jewish settlement and strengthen the Jewish majority in Jerusalem.

During the visit, MK Kalfon came to the "Kedmat Zion" neighborhood, which is located close to Abu Dis, where he met the residents and received an overview of the demarcation. Kedmat Zion is considered one of the strategic points to prevent Arab territorial succession in the east of the city.

The tour took place after a visit together with the Minister of the Interior Ayelet Shaked in Atret, where the minister is promoting the construction of 9,000 housing units for the Jewish population.

MK Kalfon commented: "Only 10 families live here in the front of Zion in a compound adjacent to the separation fence, beyond the fence is the Abu Dis neighborhood - which parts of the left, including Benny Gantz, want to make the capital of Palestine. There is a strategic importance to the Jewish presence there, the people who live here are pioneers, this is Zionism at its best. They came to settle here to ensure the Jewish presence in the heart of our capital, therefore the plan to add 400 housing units to the place must continue to be promoted."