Aviv Kochavi
Aviv KochaviIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi on Wednesday held a situation assessment at the Central Command amid the recent security events in Judea and Samaria.

The head of the Central Command, Major General Yehuda Fuchs, and the commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Major General Avi Bluth, presented the main points of the situation, and the activities of the forces as part of Operation Break the Wave.

Channel 13 News reported that the Chief of Staff approved the use of targeted killings of terrorists from the air "in certain cases, if there is no other way to deal with the terrorists. I'm not interested in elections or holidays."

Kochavi said, "Every day and night, our forces arrest wanted persons, operate under fire and thwart terrorist activities. Even this morning we carried out a complex operation in the Jenin refugee camp, which was carried out with determination and professionalism and whose purpose was to thwart a concrete threat."

"We will continue to prepare for the full spectrum of scenarios, and we will act as necessary at any time and in any place in order to ensure the safety of the residents of the State of Israel," added the Chief of Staff.

"הוא הלך, זהו": תיעוד דרמטי ממצלמת הקסדה - חילופי האש בג'נין

On Wednesday morning, two terrorists were shot and killed during a gun battle with IDF forces and Border Police officers in Jenin.

One of the terrorists was the brother of Raad Khazem, who opened fire in a crowded club in Tel Aviv this past April, killing two people and wounding eight.

The IDF later released a recording from a drone that shows footage from the Jenin gun battle. The footage showed explosives set by the terrorists going off. Israeli forces anticipated such a scenario and were able to avoid harm to themselves.