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35,000 attend central Selichot prayers at Western Wall

Central Selichot prayers to be held at Western Wall on Saturday night, just after midnight.

Selicho prayers at the Western Wall
Selicho prayers at the Western Wall Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Approximately 35,000 people arrived Thursday night at the Western Wall to participate in the central Selichot prayers.

On Saturday night, the night before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), at 12:15a.m., there will be another central Selichot event, accompanied by a cantor and amplification.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation has requested to spread out the crowds so as to allow the entire public to visit Jerusalem and join the central Selichot prayers throughout the High Holiday period.

Entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall will be closed if the crowds become overwhelming. The public is asked to follow instructions from police and organizers.

The Old City will also be closed to private vehicles; visitors should arrive by public transportation.

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