General view of the 51st session of the Human Rights Council
General view of the 51st session of the Human Rights CouncilUN Photo by Pierre Albouy

On Wednesday, September 21, on the International Day of Peace , the United Arab Emirates (UAE) delivered a joint statement on behalf of Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and the United States at the Human Rights Council in Geneva promoting the use of digital technology in achieving peace.

This topic was chosen due to the experience of interactions between the countries' peoples before and after the signing of the Abraham Accords and how, during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital platforms ensured that messages of peace, communication, and dialogue could take root and grow.

The joint statement also recognized that the rapid rise of digital technologies has brought numerous human rights concerns, and called for stakeholders to work together to counter the spread of disinformation, discrimination, bullying, and inflammatory rhetoric online.

The Israel Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Ambassador Meirav Elion Shahar, said, "This is the second such initiative led by the Abraham Accord countries at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, and is testament to our flourishing relations both bilaterally and multilaterally."

"Digital platforms have facilitated the development of personal bonds between our peoples, and I truly believe that people-to-people relations are vital in achieving and promoting peace."