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Russian ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechayev said on Friday that Germany had crossed a “red line” by sending arms to Ukraine.

"Supplying the Ukrainian regime with German weapons is not only against Russian servicemen, but also against the Donbas civilians," Nechayev told RT. "It is certainly the red line which the German authorities should not have crossed."

Nechayev made the comments the day after Germany announced it was sending more weapons and military hardware to Ukraine in response to calls that it was not doing enough to arm Ukraine in its ongoing fight against the Russian military.

Two multiple launch rocket systems, the MARS II, alongside 200 missiles and 50 Dingo armored personnel carriers will be shipped to Ukraine, FOX News reported.

Earlier in the week, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba sharply criticized Germany for not sending additional military vehicles.

"Disappointing signals from Germany while Ukraine needs Leopards and Marders now – to liberate people and save them from genocide. Not a single rational argument on why these weapons cannot be supplied, only abstract fears and excuses," Kuleba said. "What is Berlin afraid of that Kyiv is not?"

Kuleba was likely referring to German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht who on Monday said that Germany would not send additional tanks to Ukraine.

"It's not so simple just to say ‘I'll just risk that we won't be able to act, the defense of the country, by giving everything away’," she said. "No, I won't do that. But we have other possibilities, from industry, with our partners."

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