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Joe BidenReuters

A poll released this week found that it is not just Republicans who overwhelmingly want to see Joe Biden impeached, Democratic and independent voters are also not too thrilled with the president’s performance.

The Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that over half (52 percent) of voters favor the impeachment of Biden.

While 77 percent of Republican voters want to see the president gone, over a third of Democratic voters (32 percent) and half of independents also wish for Biden to be thrown out of office.

“Support for impeaching Biden is highest among voters 40-64, who are also most likely to think that if Republicans win in the midterms, they actually will impeach the president. Retirees are least supportive of impeaching Biden,” said the poll, according to the Washington Examiner.

The poll found that among the 52 percent who support Biden’s impeachment, 38 percent “strongly support” it.

But out of the 42 percent opposed to the idea, only 30 percent “strongly opposite it.”

The upcoming midterm elections are increasingly being talked about as a referendum on the Biden presidency.