A Ukrainian pensioner reportedly shot down a Russian Su-34 jet armed only with a rifle.

The man’s shot was a direct hit which sent the $85 million fighter jet crashing down to the ground, the Ukrainian government said.

Valeriy Fedorovych used his rifle to fire at the planet when it flew over Chernhiv, State Border Service of Ukraine said in a statement.

He apparently was a crack shot, and using only a simple rifle caused the high tech military craft to spiral out of the air to its destruction.

Footage claiming to show the jet crashing has not bee verified and does not show Fedorovych in it.

The State Border Service awarded Fedorovych with a medal for his “heroism,” according to the Daily Mail.

The agency presented the pensioner with the award for “assistance in the protection of the state border.”

Footage released by the State Border Service shows the man walking with his rifle through the remains of the city, and retrieving some of the pieces of the crashed plane that he is storing in his garage.