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Eyal Haddad, a 34-year-old Jew, was murdered on August 20 by his Muslim neighbor in Longperrier, France. the antisemitism monitoring website BNVCA reported.

The Muslim killer, Mohamed Dridi, turned himself in to the police and claimed that his Jewish neighbor owed him 100 euros and did not repay the debt, which led him to commit the brutal murder. He later admitted that the fact that his neighbor was Jewish was also one of the motives for the murder.

Haddad's family began to worry about him after he did not make contact for several days, and turned to Deridi to ask if he had seen his Jewish neighbor. A short time later, Dridi turned himself in to the local police and said that he brutally murdered Haddad and hid his body. Haddad's body, partially mutilated, was discovered in an open field in Longperrier

According to the report on the BNVCA website, Dridi even began to burn Haddad's face, after crushing his skull, and only then buried him.

The heads of the antisemitism monitoring organization claimed that the case was hardly publicized in the French media, and demanded that it be investigated as a hate crime on antisemitic grounds. The French police opened an investigation in an attempt to find out whether the brutal murder was committed on an antisemitic basis or if it was a dispute between neighbors that escalated to the point of murder.