Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas Flash 90

The heads of the Shabak issued an unusual warning the the leaders of the Palestinian Authority not to interfere in the upcoming elections for Israel's 25th election in November.

The message was conveyed to the PA even before Channel 12 News revealed the meeting between the PA's intelligence chief and members of the Joint Arab List Knesset faction.

The Shabak has in recent years worked to prevent foreign interference in Israel's elections.

The Shabak is particularly concerned that Iranian and Russian elements will try to interfere in the elections. The fear led to the launch of the "Operation for Democracy", which focuses mainly on Iranian and Russian elements who are allegedly trying to foment chaos and polarization in Israel through activities that focus mainly on social media.

On the legal level, the Oslo Accords and their accompanying agreements establish the obligation of the Palestinian Authority to act in a manner that respects Israel's sovereignty.

According to Channel 12 News, more than a year ago, the Shabak removed 140,000 Iranian bots. That effort has been renewed for the current round of elections, and the Shabak has already begun to deal with some of the foreign elements that are attempting to influence the elections.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN and Likud Knesset candidate Danny Danon said in response: "It is good that the Shabak sent a clear message to senior officials in the Palestinian Authority not to interfere in the elections to prevent a victory for the Likud led by Netanyahu."

"The Shin Bet should summon Tibi, Shehadeh and Odeh for questioning, and if they cooperate with the PA in attempts to interfere in the elections in Israel, they should be prosecuted," Danon added.