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National Student Council Chairman Ran Shai spoke Thursday morning on 103 FM Radio about the possibility that the new school year will not begin on September 1.

In an interview with 103 FM, Shai said, "From what we see right now, the negotiations started early, the Education Ministry - already in January - came to the Finance Ministry, the teachers organizations, and asked for a new salary agreement. Since then it seems that we are just being pushed off."

"I don't think there is a side. Maybe it sounds a bit naive but I believe we need to sit and solve this in a simple fashion."

According to Shai, "We need to strengthen the position of young teachers, but we also want them to have opportunities, where to advance to. We need to appreciate the experienced teachers, who give us the more significant space. They have the experience and they are able to be significant to the system. We are coming after two-and-a-half years of coronavirus, in which the youth simply suffered. The school [system], which was supposed to be the anchor in our lives, is threatening again to bring it down, and to prevent [this]. Not opening on September 1 is completely reckless."

"We do not want teachers joining and then leaving after three years because they have nowhere to advance to. We need a quality education system. This opportunity, of a wage agreement, its solution, means to make a deep change in the educational system, and not just a temporary solution. To strengthen the position of the teacher and principals, within the school."