The IDF has identified and neutralized a terror tunnel with two routes belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization, dug from northern Gaza towards Israeli towns and cities.

The terror tunnel did not cross the newly-constructed underground sensory barrier, which is an important component in maintaining security in the region. As a result, the tunnel did not pose a threat to Israeli communities in the area near Gaza. The tunnel was identified as part of the consistent and ongoing efforts to detect and neutralize terror tunnels in the Gaza Division.

IDF sources emphasized that the army operates in both a discreet and open manner while facing terrorist organizations in Gaza and will not allow any violation of Israeli sovereignty, either above or below ground.

The sources said that after the conclusion of Operation Breaking Dawn, the IDF remains prepared for a wide range of scenarios involving Gaza.

Outgoing Commanding Officer of the Gaza Division, Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni, said: "The IDF Gaza Division has been operating in recent weeks to neutralize this Hamas terror tunnel. We are speaking about an attack tunnel with two separate routes that crossed into Israeli territory but did not cross the new underground concrete sensory barrier. Therefore, it did not pose a risk to Israeli civilians at any time."

"The tunnel routes were neutralized during Operation Guardian of the Walls, thanks to an indication to its presence by the new barrier. We recently identified efforts to restore the old tunnel route. Following an examination, we located the two tunnel routes. The neutralization of this tunnel joins a long list of covert and open operations that significantly damaged the underground terror tunnel program of the Hamas terrorist organization, and we will continue to go after them." Aloni added.