A tractor destroys a home in Ramat Migron
A tractor destroys a home in Ramat Migron Photo Credit: Photographer

At around four o'clock Monday morning, hundreds of police officers and Civil Administration inspectors raided the Ramat Migron hill in the Binyamin region and began surrounding the houses in preparation for their demolition. Ramat Migron is in Area C (under Israeli control), 14 km north of Jerusalem, near the Palestinian Authority city of Ramallah.

The three families, whose homes were destroyed on August 11 along with a building serving as a yeshiva (Torah study center), had managed to rebuild their houses in that short time.

Security forces entered the homes, threw the family members out, and razed the buildings to the ground. The evicted residents claim that severe violence was applied when police attacked them and confiscated their cell phones to prevent them from recording the event.

"One of the commanders yelled 'cell phones,' and in an instant, dozens of police attacked us and grabbed the cell phones from our hands," said one of the residents.

At the beginning of the week, information reached the residents of Ramat Migron, according to which the security establishment and government officials intended to carry out another campaign of destruction there and in other communities in Samaria.

"[Defense Minister] Benny Gantz has apparently decided to make his election campaign on the back of the settlement," they said Monday morning in Ramat Migron, "and in order to gain a few more votes, he does not shy from using any means: comprehensive demolition campaigns against the settlement, evicting families from their homes in the middle of the night, and permitting violence on the part of policemen toward pioneering citizens who guard the lands of the Jewish people."

Supporters of the settlers who establish unauthorized outposts in Judea and Samaria regard these young people as the pioneers of today.

"We do not intend to leave or to give up on the Zionist enterprise for even a moment. We are engaged in the resettlement of the land and we have been fighting for this for years. Attempts by left-wing elements to harass the settlement are bound to ultimately fail and go down in the history books as another one of the oppressors who harassed the people of Israel over the generations," they added.

"We call on the right-wing public, and on all Zionist Jews for whom the Land of Israel is dear: Come join us in the campaign and give us your support at this time. This is not a war for our own personal homes, but for the future of the open areas in Judea and Samaria - will they become flourishing settlements or, God forbid, a Palestinian state," concluded residents of Ramat Migron.

At this moment, dozens of residents from Ramat Migron and other communities in the Binyamin region are demonstrating at the Kochav Yair service station on Route 60. They are blocking traffic in protest against the destruction of Migron, carrying placards calling Defense Minister Benny Gantz an "enemy of the settlement movement."