Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi
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One of the most influential religious female leaders in Israel and in Europe, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, has been appointed President of the new Rebbetzin Training Programme of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER).

The Programme will provide additional support to the spouses of Orthodox rabbis, who often play such a key role in the life of their communities.

The CER, the umbrella organization uniting and supporting hundreds of Jewish communities throughout Europe, today serves to assists rabbinic couples, offering guidance, training, and mentors to both rabbis and rebbetzins across the continent. Currently, rebbetzins play a vital role in their communities, working with families, female members, and in education, for example. The CER wishes to provide more formal support for them, and to continue to express recognition for their devotion.

The organization has started a Rebbetzin Training Programme, ground-breaking in design. The program offers two tracks: a mentoring track, where each young rebbetzin will receive mentoring by a more experienced guide. The second track is a professional community development program, which will teach these young female leaders public speaking and help develop the skills they need as a leader. Part of Rabbanit Mizrachi’s role as president will be to host online discussion groups with the rebbetzins, deliver lectures and classes, answer their questions, and assist them with day-to-day challenges.

Jerusalem-born Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi is one of the most popular religious speakers in Israel and in Europe. By training, she is an attorney and a rabbinical court advocate. She currently serves as an educator and public lecturer and is known for addressing crowds of thousands across Israel and in Europe.

Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the CER, stated, “Today, countless rabbis’ wives engage fully with their community, working in education and offering crucial guidance, both practical and spiritual, to families. We at the CER would like to thank them for their continuous work. Going forward, it is vital that these rebbetzins are recognized and offered professional training to help them in these tasks. So we have launched our program. With Rabbanit Mizrachi as President, the CER hopes to do exactly that, supporting our rebbetzins throughout the continent. We are delighted to appoint her to lead our Rebbitzen’s Programme.”

Gady Gronich, Director General of the CER, said, “After the success of our Young Rabbis Programme, aiding young rabbinic leaders, and after requests from rebbitzens to launch a parallel program, we thought it essential to offer training and support to rabbis wives as well. In truth, these rebbitzens have and continue to serve their communities as devoted educators and guides in their own right - we wanted to help them further in this. With Rabbanit Yemima as president, they will now be provided by the CER with a support structure to further assist them with their impressive role.”