The mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, on Sunday praised the government and the IDF over Operation Breaking Dawn and its results.

"People who are senior commanders in an organization that wants to harm us were eliminated here. The most important thing is that we learned that terrorists can be eliminated and that means that next week, if the IDF has such targets, they should hit them and not wait," Davidi told Israel National News.

He continued, "The second thing is the civilian population that lives here in Sderot and the surrounding area. They are the real heroes, the children, grandfathers, grandmothers and mothers and fathers who are here. On Shabbat, over a hundred rockets were fired at Sderot, over thirty rounds, these are heroic people who stand at the forefront of the State of Israel."

"It is important to tell the residents to continue to obey the instructions of the Home Front Command, to continue to listen to the instructions that save lives," said Davidi and, turning to the Israeli government, added, "Don't forget, if we have to, we must strive for the elimination of terrorists and that the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations receive severe blows in order to have long-term silence."