Israel Dog Unit locates two IAF soldiers during the exercise
Israel Dog Unit locates two IAF soldiers during the exerciseIDU Public Relations

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU) has issued an emergency call-up of all operational dog handlers as southern Israel prepares for war.

The IDU dispatched an urgent notice to hundreds of IDU volunteer dog handlers. All handlers with operational search dogs have been placed on high alert.

"G-d forbid rockets fired from Gaza or Lebanon should cause the collapse of buildings with missing people trapped under the rubble,” the IDU said in a statement.

With the IDF and security forces readying themselves for potential unrest throughout Israel, the organization noted: “IDU drones and their operators have been called in to aid in supplying real-time footage of planned Arab riots and violence to aid Israeli forces in quelling any violence before it spills over into Jewish towns and neighborhoods.”

The IDU added that one such incident occurred when Arab websites announced that they would be building a road to connect Beita, a hostile Arab village with the nearby Jewish hill Evyatar. Last year, the IDU set up a command center, at Evyatar flying drones overhead regularly to supply the IDF with vital information about Arab terrorists who attempted to torch and infiltrate into Evyatar.

“We are entering uncertain times with the sounds of war intensifying around the world and here locally in Israel. We must all do our part. We urge all of our volunteers to be ready to respond, and we urge all of our supporters to step up to the plate at this time and to help financially support the Israel Dog Unit so that we can most effectively save lives in Israel during these critical times,” the IDU said.

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