The IDF on Thursday concluded the "Noble Rose" Exercise, part of a series of recent international exercises and cooperations which have been taking place as part of the IDF’s 2022 training program.

The exercise simulated a wide range of operational scenarios deep in the Red Sea. Participating in the exercise were the Israeli Navy’s Missile Ship Flotilla (Flotilla 3), Shayetet 13, and forces from the U.S. Navy.

The exercise reflected the expansive abilities of Shayetet 13, among them vessel operation and takeover, as well as the use of advanced means.

Cooperation with the U.S. Fifth Fleet began and continued both in the planning and operational stages of the exercise. The exercise demonstrates the forces' operational cooperation and deepens the professional dialogue between the two militaries.

Commander-in-Chief of the Israeli Navy, VADM David Saar Salama, said: "The maritime arena holds many opportunities. Preserving the Israeli Navy's maritime superiority directly contributes to Israel's security."

"During this exercise we managed to deepen our relations with Israel's most important ally - the United States of America. Together we develop solutions, share knowledge, create a common language and increase our scope of activity. I am certain that the dialogue will continue to increase, and will bring about significant achievements in the future."

During the naval exercise
During the naval exercise IDF spokesperson
The naval exercise
The naval exercise IDF spokesperson