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A Ukrainian Jewish community organization has called for a former Kyiv city council deputy to be arrested for spreading antisemitism after he accused Jews of ritual murder in a Facebook post.

The United Jewish Communities of Ukraine in a statement on Tuesday called for ex-council member Mykhailo Kovalchuk to be prosecuted for a Facebook post from Sunday in which he said, “Jews kill children” and rabbis “call on demons during prayers,” according to

According to the report, the former council member also claimed that Orthodox Jews “commit ritual murders of children.”

“Most often, their victims are small children, children of non-Jews (goyim). Satanism is one of the forms of Judaism, where special attention is paid to the sacrifices and feeding of their masters – the dark forces,” he said.

In a Telegram statement, the United Jewish Community of Ukraine said that the comments of Kovalchuk constituted antisemitism under the “On Preventing and Combating Antisemitism in Ukraine” law and also violated the Ukrainian criminal code, article 161.

“Such statements are unacceptable in a united Ukraine, especially during martial law and on behalf of a city councilor,” the group added.

The statement denounced “false, inhuman, demonizing and stereotyped statements about Jews” in the post, calling for government officials to react swiftly.

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