At least seven people were injured following gunfire at a Los Angeles park on Sunday, the Los Angeles Fire Department said, reported the Reuters news agency.

Paramedics took four men and three women to area hospitals after the shooting at or near a car show at Peck Park in the San Pedro district in southwestern Los Angeles, the fire department said in a statement.

At least three of the patients were wounded by gunfire, including one man and a woman who were in critical condition, the statement said.

"There are no other patients remaining at scene," the statement said, adding that the circumstances regarding the shooting have yet to be confirmed.

At this point there is no suspect in custody, nor a suspect description, a Los Angeles police spokesperson said, according to Reuters.

This past Friday, four people, including the gunman, were killed in a shooting at a state park in eastern Iowa.

Earlier in the week, four people, including a gunman, were killed at an Indiana mall.

Police said the incident took place when a man with a rifle opened fire in a food court. He was eventually shot dead by an armed civilian.

In early July, a gunman opened fire on a Long Island, New York pool party at a high end hotel attended by 150 to 200 people, wounding three.

The shooter began firing in the lobby of the Mansion at Glen Cover, a hotel and event center, following a fight that occurred during the party.

After the shooting, the suspect got away and the NYPD began searching for him. The victims all suffered non-life-threatening bullet wounds.